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Our English website is live!

We don’t sit still at Doc4. Our further professionalization in the international field is gaining momentum. The market and the international playing field therefore increasingly demanded an English version of our website . We are proud to announce that this English website is now live – with a modern look and feel and user-friendly navigation.

We can now even better include our international partners, (potential) customers and relations in our developments and the benefits of the Compass Suite software. A short animation video immediately shows how our Compass Suite software monitors the entire process, from data to the (digital) letterbox; provides control of the process and insight into errors.

Even more successful
DOC4 provides software solutions to optimize the benefit of output management and customer communication solutions. DOC4 software adds intelligence to output management enabling efficient management and full insight of any companywide document and communication processes for output producing organizations in the banking, insurance, and public sector, as well as printing companies. Our focus is research & development for innovative technology and solutions with which you as a customer can become even more successful.

Advice from Doc4 consultants and architects
Our specialist IT consultants are happy to help you with, among other things, optimizing printing processes and strategic choices with regard to enterprise output management. You can contact us with a variety of issues regarding process automation, document management or customer communication: from creating and changing templates in, for example, Quadient Inspire, OpenText Extream or Quadira Advanced-Forms, to practical advice from our Doc4 consultants and architects.