Doc4 Partners

MHC Software


MHC Software provides a powerful enterprise automation platform that enables customers to automate and digitize complex processes, communications, and workflows. Its Ecrion division is a world-class provider of document automation, customer communication management (CCM), and customer experience automation (CXA) solutions. The Ecrion platform integrates seamlessly with DOC4’s Compass Suite.


Compared to other available tools in the market, the MHC’s Division has been specifically developed from the idea that the business itself (the users) can develop, manage, and automate the (substantive) communication with customers through any desired channel. This varies from generating documents (for example letters, bank statements, invoices, policies, flyers) to drafting and sending e-mail and SMS texting.


More information: www.mhcsoftwareinc.com / www.ecrion.com