Doc4 becomes implementation partner for MHC Software’s Ecrion platform in Northwest Europe

Doc4 becomes MHC Software’s implementation partner for their Ecrion platform in Northwest Europe. Within the partnership, Doc4 supports MHC Software in the technical implementations of the Ecrion Customer Communication Management solution at customers in Northwest Europe. With the Ecrion platform, MHC delivers a single modular platform for document automation, customer communication management and customer experience automation.

Unlike other tools available in the market, the Ecrion platform was developed specifically with the idea that users themselves can develop, manage and automate (content) communication with customers through any channel. This ranges from generating documents (e.g., letters, bank statements, invoices, policies, flyers) to drafting and sending e-mail and SMS communications.

The one-stop-shop aspect of the Ecrion platform is a major advantage for organizations. They do not need to purchase additional applications, as this is a total solution that is fairly easy to implement, without complicated configurations or a lot of man-hours. Purchasing licenses is also unnecessary: the customer pays monthly for the use of the software, which is available 24/7 in the cloud or installed on-premises.

“MHC Software already has a solid position in America and as a partner we look forward to contributing to further market penetration in Northwest Europe. Until recently, most implementation projects in Europe were carried out remotely from MHC sites in the United States, the United Kingdom and Romania; from now on, these activities will be carried out together within Northwest Europe. This makes it easier for customers to switch gears where needed and ensures maximum development and support on the Ecrion platform,” says Michael Doomen, a freelance consultant for Doc4 since September 2020.

Florin Vasilian, Chief Innovation Officer at MHC Software said, “Partners like Doc4 are critical to MHC’s expansion in certain key regions. We are very pleased to have found an organization with Doc4’s deep domain expertise, established customer base and shared commitment to our customers’ success.”

Michael Doomen: “Some time ago we investigated the possibilities in the area of Customer Communication Management for a number of our existing customers, as an addition to our own platform Compass Suite. MHC Software’s Ecrion platform proved to be a perfect fit. Our own customers can therefore also benefit from the partnership because of the integration possibilities; we are now working this out in more detail and have already completed a product demo.”

More information about MHC Software and Ecrion can be found at: www.mhcsoftwareinc.com and www.ecrion.com