Article Michael Doomen published on editorial platform CustomerTalk

Today (29/03/2021) the editorial platform CustomerTalk published the article by our IT consultant Michael Doomen on the impact of smarter communication on the customer experience. According to Michael, when asked if the COVID-19 pandemic also showed change in output management, the answer is loud and clear: absolutely. Legions of organizations were transitioning to digital at a rapid pace while having to continue to find customers online and stay ahead of the competition. The customer experience is now perhaps more important than ever: a customer who is as satisfied online as if they had physically walked out of your store. Only before that happens, that customer has a whole customer journey to travel – with a smart software tool as the main driver.

The article “The impact of smarter communication on the customer experience” can be read on CustomerTalk, the knowledge platform for customer relationship management, customer intelligence, customer experience, customer contact, marketing management, marketing intelligence, e-commerce, web content management and digital marketing.